There are a lot of unlocking services on the internet. I chose this one because it was (a) linked from a reputable money review site, and (b) it was US based. I also liked the ability to pay by PayPal (which is my preferred method on the internet). It was easy to enter information into the on-screen boxes and I was provided with a confirmation email straight away. The actual unlocking code was delivered within 30 minutes and simply worked first time....

- Alex E.

Site was highly recommended by a [link removed] thread for unlocking phones. A downside to the service is a minimum fund deposit of $20 is needed for any service. So if you have a phone that costs $12 to unlock, say goodbye to $8. Also, the service that many of us paid for this past week appears to be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Will see just how long it takes for this $19.75 EXPRESS service to go through.

- Unsmart Phone

I'm actually a wholesale client and I've been unlocking at least 50 phones a week with Unlock4Less. They are very reliable and always respond to my inquiries unlike many others out there. They don't disappear once there is a problem and will work on getting things taken care of as quickly as possible. This is why I always come back to Unlock4Less with my unlocking business. Definitely recommended!

- Carl
2017-11-15 is the best unlock site I've ever used. They are fast, and any errors are rectified immediately. I couldn't be any happier than I am with them.

- David W.
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