IMEI Service


 All Samsung models are supported. NCK unlock code will be provided.

 Troubleshooting guide (if code isn't working):

 By default this service will ONLY provide NCK codes (NETWORK CODES) - no defreeze codes.

 Make sure your phone is unlocked by network code only.

  Refund policy:
  Unfortunatley there is no refund for this tool in case of non-working codes.

  The reason for this is that the codes are always correct but the Firmware on Samsung causes some codes to fail.

  When we send video to vendor, 100% of the time the code is verified as correct and we lose money.

  We decided  instead of removing this service completely that we will offer it with this strict policy.

  Non-working codes are 99% Solved by our troubleshooting instructions. 1% are firmware issues as we stated above.

  Rooted phones may have to be restored to a factory firmware before using unlock code.



Price : $15USD
Delivery Time : 2-4 days

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