IMEI Service



 Lost / Stolen status only.

 Blocked IMEIs are not supported.

 Verify here before placing your order:


 Note: This service comes with a limited warranty for 6 days.

 No refund or re-process if IMEI goes blacklisted after 6 days. 

 You can re-submit at your own expense.

 No refund if you submit a non-T-Mobile IMEI.

 Turn your barred or blacklisted T-Mobile USA iPhone IMEI into clean.

 All T-Mobile makes and models are supported in this cleaning service.

 This service will NOT unlock your T-Mobile USA iPhone.

  It will make the IMEI clean so it can be unlocked or used on T-Mobile again.

 Clean IMEIs are usually much easier and cheaper to unlock.

 Fraud IMEIs are not supported and will be rejected / refunded.

 All financed IMEIs / accounts will still be financed.

 We clean only IMEI and not the account status. 

 Any debt and/or contractual obligations with T-Mobile will NOT change.

 Check your T-Mobile IMEI status here (it's free to check):

 This service may take up to 5 business days.

 Cancellations are NOT allowed once order is in process.

Price : $13.9USD
Delivery Time : 5-15 Miniutes

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