IMEI Service


 This service provides NEXT TETHER info only.

 It allows to see which carrier the phone is locked to or if it's unlocked.

 If the phone is locked, it will shows which carrier it's locked to.

 Sample reports below:

 IMEI: 013424006135888
 Model: iPhone 5 Black 16GB
 Serial Number: C38KQSDRFH19
 Carrier: US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
 SIMLock: Locked

 - This one is locked to AT&T USA


 IMEI: 353847934762761
 Model: iPhone SE Rose Gold 32GB
 Serial Number: CDX3T7NUQHTVV
 Carrier: Unlock
 SIMLock: Unlocked

 - This one is unlocked

Price : $0.3USD
Delivery Time : 5-15 Miniutes

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