IMEI Service


 This service supports most blacklisted Verizon IMEIs.


 Note: This service comes with a limited warranty for 10 days.

 No refund or re-process if IMEI goes blacklisted after 10 days. 

 You can re-submit at your own expense.

 Turn your barred or blacklisted Verizon USA iPhone IMEI into clean.

 All Verizon makes and models are supported in this cleaning service.

 This service will NOT unlock your Verizon USA iPhone.

  It will make the IMEI clean so it can be unlocked or used on Verizon again.

 Clean IMEIs are usually much easier (and cheaper) to unlock.

 Fraud IMEIs are not supported and will be rejected / refunded.

 All financed IMEIs / accounts will still be financed.

 We clean only IMEI and not the account status. 

 Any debt and/or contractual obligations with Verizon will NOT change.

 Check your Verizon IMEI status here (it's free to check):

 This service may take up to 7 business days.

 Cancellations are NOT allowed once order is in process.

Price : $37.9USD
Delivery Time : 2-4 days

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