IMEI Service


 Most orders are done within 24-48 hours but please allow up to 3 business days in case of a delay.

 This service operates on business days. 

 Orders submitted on Friday afternoon will be cleared on Tuesday.

 All AT&T Samsung phones and tablets are supported by this service.

 Any "Not Found" orders will be rejected and refunded.

 Popular models: Galaxy Note (all),  S9, S8, S7 (Edge), S6 (Edge), S5, Note III, Note 4, S4, S3, Galaxy Active, etc.

 Factory NCK Network unlock code will be provided.

 Troubleshooting guide (if code isn't working):

 Does not support: non-AT&T Samsung phones. No refund for wrong carrier submissions!

 All codes are 100% correct from the AT&T/Samsung database.

 Refund policy:

 Unfortunatley there is no refund for this tool in case of non-working codes.

 The reason for this is that the codes are always correct but the Firmware on Samsung causes many codes to fail that are correct on select models.

 When we send video to vendor, 100% of the time the code is verified as  correct and we lose money.

 We decided instead of removing this service completely that we will offer it with this strict policy.

 Non working codes are 99% Solved by our troubleshooting instructions. 1% are firmware issues as we stated above.

 Rooted phones may have to be restored to a factory firmware before using unlock code.

 Service might have occasional delays when Samsung server goes on maintenance.


 In these cases there are no cancellations for delayed orders for up to 3 days.

Price : $15.65USD
Delivery Time : 24-48 Hours

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