How to add fund in my account

How to add fund in my account

    Add fund to your account. We accept different payment method as follow:

    add fund

    1. Display minimum deposite and maximun deposite

    2. Display maximum balance you can add to your account

    3. That's your current credits available on your account RIGHT NOW

    4. Enter the amount you would like to add to your account

    5. Transaction tax depends on selection of your payment gateway

    6. That's the total amount of the credits that will be available after your deposit is recorded

    7. Select the payment you would like to use.

    8. Once you ready, simply click this button and you will be redirected to the payment page. Credits will be added in REAL TIME. As soon as payment is confirmed and received.

    9. Total amount you will need to pay

    • Paypal using the secure platform please visit

    • Dalpay for credit cards secure platform please visit

    • Western is also available, once you select this option, you will received payment details by email. Please visit

    • Payment via bank wire transfer, once you select this option, you will received payment details by email.

    • Paypal is charging 5% commission on each transaction, Dalpay payment by credit card is charging 5% commission + USD1$ usd on each transaction.

    • Static fee apply only on Dalpay (payment with credit card) are USD1$ per transaction

    • Paypal Transaction require verification before adding the money to your account. You can find more details how to verify your paypal order here.

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